Gold, Adventure, and Fame can all be yours! Join Blackwheel Company today!

Blackwheel Company was formed to be an extention of the Dragonmarked Houses. They intend to use it to exploit the resources of Xen’drk. Operating out of the Glory Road, a massive airship, the leaders of Blackwheel Company are looking for soldiers of fortune that are willing to brave the dangers of Xen’drik. They are looking for the best of the best. While anyone determined can find a place, only the top preformers will become the elite operatives.

Blackwheel Company’s newest recruits are going to have to prove their mettle and their skill. If they can get the goods, and comeback alive, they will find great rewards awaiting. If not, then they are just more treasure hunters that were swallowed up by the jungle.

Eberron: Tales of Blackwheel Company